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Bottiglie di liquore Cannabis Cream Italia The original

Maremma Hemp

cannabis cream

cannabis cream:

the liqueur


It Is a hemp cream, handcrafted according to the ancient recipes of grandmother Nunziata. When there were still no TVs in the houses of the peasants of the Tuscan Maremma, during the cold winter evenings and when the whole family was already warming up between the blankets of the bed, grandma Nunziata used to heat the milk on the old wood stove, where he then dipped the dried hemp from the tiring late summer harvest, leaving it all for the whole night.

In the morning, the house was saturated with the very natural and enveloping smell of hemp and the grandmother worked hard to complete the recipe that had already been started, adding those few natural ingredients available, giving life to the hemp cream that at the time the farmers used during their intense days of hard work, as an energizing drink.

At present our company, to diversify the crops, has resumed cultivating Hemp Sativa just like our grandparents and, recalling the stories told by grandmother Nunziata, we tried to reproduce her rather a simple recipe, but encountering problems due to the presence of THC (psychotropic substance) normally contained in Hemp, only after several months of tests, supported by a legally recognized laboratory, we were able to find the right formula to completely remove the substance in question, obtaining the certification of the total absence of 0.000% THC presence

Bottiglia di Cannibis Cream Italy  The original

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